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Johannesburg is an African city of note, it’s the largest city in South Africa. It’s also the wealthiest and without doubt, the economic powerhouse of Africa. To a first time visitor Johannesburg or JOZI as its more commonly known, can be exhilarating, sometimes exhausting but always exciting.
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Highlights of the tour

Walk down the Mining District and witness the large open-air museum, with various mining equipment. The Magistrate Court bombing, along the way we’ll see what used to be Nelson Mandela & Or Tambo’s law firm. We’ll walk you on one of the oldest streets in Jozi, boasting of colorful prints and various traditional accessories. Lastly you’ll get to see a number  of extraordinary architecture,stunning buildings with historical significance.
City Centre 
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City Perk Cafe
70 Fox Street
Do not carry bags or valuables
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